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The Importance of Roof Repair

No matter if the roof maintenance project is for a commercial or residential structure, the consumer is facing a major investment. Because it is such a large investment, the roof needs special protection and this is where the importance of repairs comes in. When owners perform annual repairs and maintenance, there are certain assurances that the roof will function as it should and the proper protections are in place. On the other hand, if these maintenance and repair practices are not in place, owners face additional repairs or an entire roof replacement.

What Should Owners Look for on the Outside?

If an owner of can see broken shingles when they are standing on the ground, then this is a good indication that there could be a problem with the roof. Additional problems could be if owners notice sagging in areas of the roof, as well as ripples throughout the shingles. For those whom feel comfortable enough to climb up on to the roof, they may be able to find additional damage when inspecting up close and personally. For example, they could find brittle shingles upon picking them up or missing shingles in areas that are not visible from the ground.

Should Owners Look Throughout Their Interiors?

If a property owner has a full attic, then it is simple for them to look throughout these interior spaces to see if any damage is occurring. They should be checking for damage that is the direct result of moisture collected underneath the roof, that is dripping through holes, or that is through rotten areas. Because property owners tend not to be versed in checking for roof leaks, this is mainly just a general inspection to see if there is any mold, mildew, or black patches. For those who have crawl spaces, it may be best to leave this inspection up to the professionals considering how cramped those quarters are.

Is it Time to Hire a Contractor?

Once property owners have performed a general check of their roof, which is typically done after they have already noticed leaking occurring somewhere within the home, it is time to determine if a contractor should be hired or not. The contractor will perform a more thorough inspection when providing an estimate and tell the owner whether they need repairs or a roof replacement. Estimates are based upon outside and inside inspections; therefore it is important for owners to contact at least three contractors in order to get a roof repair in Atlanta.

What Are the Budget Limitations?

Small roof repairs are not costly, especially if property owners only have a few shingles that need to fixed or replaced. However, for those in need of a full roof replacement, this is where the costs add up. When a roof is properly maintained, it is generally rated between twenty and thirty years depending on what type of shingles are used. Therefore, if owners invest in a full roof replacement, they should not have to worry about making this type of investment again for a long time if they take good care of it every year moving forward.

Carlos Bennett is the author of this piece.