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Save Money with Home Security System

Despite where you live and how safe your neighborhood is, a home security system is something that you can often not live without. The truth is, no matter how often you are home or how few homes in your area get broken in to, a home security system isn’t a bad idea. And while a security system can cost a lot, it doesn’t have to cost the Earth. Not only can one help save you money by preventing theft in your home, it can also cost less than you initially expect. Follow this blog to help save money with your home security system.

Prevent Stolen Property and Damage

One of the initial ways that a security system saves money is by preventing loss of goods. On average, a burglary costs the homeowner £1200 of lost items and damage to home. A security system will undoubtedly help deter many criminals and help prevent stolen property from your home. In the end, the price you pay for a security could also be much less than the value of items you could have lost is you didn’t have the system.

In addition to protecting the home from burglars, home security systems are beginning to monitor other dangers to the home with low temperature or leak sensors that help detect and prevent freezing or bursting pipes. A small amount of flooding in a home due to a burst pipe or leak can cost thousands of pounds worth of damage, so alerts to the home owner could help that person take corrective action to prevent or correct it immediately.

Save on Energy Bills

As mentioned above, home security systems are able to do more than prevent break ins. One of these added bonuses deals with energy savings. Because these systems often have lighting controls which light rooms to deter criminals from the outside, they can help save money by not lighting rooms that aren’t in use or only keeping lights on that are absolutely needed for home security purposes.

Temperature control isn’t necessarily something that is going to help with security on your home, but automatic or remote temperature control possibilities do come with many home security systems. Like using only the amount of light you need to save on energy costs, having the thermostat maintained with the temperature that you need at specific times of the day will also save on those same costs.

Cash in on Insurance Discounts

For simple installations like smoke detectors, dead bolts, and a standard alarm system, homeowners can qualify for around 5% off of their home owner’s insurance. For more advanced home security systems, people can save up to 15 – 20% off of their insurance.  Before making any upgrades to the insurance system, however, contact your insurance provider to make sure that your provider will give you money off and for what types of security systems they actually discount for.

Save Money Other Ways

In addition to saving money with a security system installed, you can also save money installing a security system. As with any purchase, always make sure to shop around before making the leap to one specific brand or installation group. Next, you might be able to find a coupon online or in the store for a particular system and, if not, you can always try haggling on the price or with searching for competition. When you find that right system at the right price, can help cover the on the spot costs.

Finally, if you are capable of doing physical projects and feel comfortable with electrical systems and wiring, then you should install the system yourself to save money on the project. An added benefit of doing the project yourself is that you understand the system better and can likely troubleshoot any problems that arise.