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Different Types of Garage Doors to Modernize Your Home

Changing the exterior of your house can be quite a mission. However, there’s an easy and effective way to modernize your home without renovating the entire house; update the garage door. A garage is more than storing your car and other belongings; it’s the eyes of the house for all to see. While your 20-year old garage door may still be functional, garage doors have come a long way from those of yesteryear and it’s time to makeover your house!

Garage doors come in a variety of styles, colors, materials, and designs with numerous opening options. Rolling up, folding and lifting, sliding to one side, sliding open “French doors”, and up-and-over are a few opening options, each depending on the material and look preferred. The majority of these options are equipped with automatic remotes, however “French doors” are manual and require hands on operation.

No matter the material chosen when deciding what’s best to modernize your home, every material can be painted and manufactured to look however you like. Getting the “wood” look doesn’t require a wooden door. The best material on the market is a steel door. Steel gives the strength and durability for long lasting garage doors, not to mention it's cost effective. The days of ugly, hurricane shuttered looking doors are a thing of the past and the modern steel garage door is much more sophisticated and complex. Steel can be painted and designed in any way imaginable, giving the illusion of different materials such as wood. Steel garage doors come in different types of steel gauges; the higher the gauge the weaker the steel. For instance, a lighter gauge such as 27 or 28 gauge steel is lower in cost, but more susceptible to damages whereas 24-gauge steel could withstand more impact with out being damaged. Steel doors are the most popular and give the owner more flexibility in the designs desired.

Traditional garage doors are made from wood, and while wood gives a “carriage house” or “barn door” look and feel allowing the option of windows if desired, the maintenance required is more frequent and needs constant care and attention. Even the finest wooden garage doors have high maintenance upkeep. A wooden garage door is the number one choice for “French doors.” If a wooden garage door would compliment your home nicely, then this may be a good option for you.

Fiberglass garage doors won’t rust, tarnish, or crack. However the weight and material can shatter almost instantly if hit. The creation of Vinyl garage doors came onto the market as a fiberglass substitute. Both materials offer similar qualities, but vinyl is more durable and sustainable. Aluminum is a substitute for steel, but is too weak to last. They may not rust, but dent incredibly easy.

Modernizing your garage door isn’t just about the door. The garage door opener has elevated to new heights since the technology blast of the 2000’s. Voice activated, number codes, clickers, hand sensors and even an app on your phone can open your garage door, sometimes from far distances. Updating your garage door could be worth it simply for the gadgets!

No matter which material you choose, what color you decide, how it opens and what opener fits your needs, updating your home with a modernized garage door will transition your home into the 21st century.

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