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Unpacking Effective Organization Ideas for Your Garage

More often than not a garage tends to become a catchall for homeowners where they store loose odds and ends that they can’t or would rather not fit in their home. By learning how to properly organize your space with garage shelving systems, you might uncover treasures that you’ve forgotten about while putting everything in its proper place. Not only that, but you’ll also have more room to park your car without worrying about running over that old sewing machine or that pair of roller blades you just can’t bear to part with.

Go Vertical

Rather than piling everything on the garage floor, purchase some high quality garage shelving systems and utilize the vertical space in your garage. You’ll certainly benefit from vertical storage if you actually park your car in the garage.

Before you buy shelving systems, you might want to go through your garage and decide whether or not you actually want to keep everything in it. If not, you can have a garage sale and make some money that you can use to buy shelves and other organizational tools. To go the extra mile to keep your garage clean, you can sweep the floor and wipe everything down to keep your garage from getting too dusty.


Another tip is to group everything in your garage together so that you’ll have an easier time of finding items. Wire organizers can be used for items that get frequent use, such as drinks, paper towels, and cleaning materials.

Home owners who use their garage as the main entrance to their home can place shoe and coat racks along the wall for easy storage and a neater appearance. Not only that, but the racks can also make it easier for you and your kids to find your favorite shoes or jacket.

If you have items grouped together in garage shelving systems, you can use labels so that you can easily find items. While this is tedious and time consuming, you’re sure to appreciate it later.

Divide Up Your Garage

Those who use their garage as an extra room should think about dividing their garage up into separate areas. Do you have any workout equipment that you use in your garage? What about table space? Decide how much space you’ll need for each area in order to use it comfortably and how you can still manage to keep the area clean and neat.  

You might also want to think about adding a space for seasonal items, such as Christmas lights and sporting equipment. If there isn’t enough room in your shelving systems, you can buy wire racks for additional space.

When buying racks and shelves specifically for your garage, make sure that you buy quality products that are strong enough to hold up everything that you’ll be storing in the racks and shelves so that you don’t open up your garage to find a giant mess to clean up.

Properly organizing your garage might be the last thing that you want to do, but it can save you an abundance of time and frustration the next time you have to go out and find a single item that you always seem to misplace.