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Can a concrete garage protect your items more than a brick or stone garage?

When you build a garage, you want it to protect the items inside as best as possible, and therefore ensuring you use the right materials for the build is an essential part of the process.

There are many options available that include stone, brick and concrete, which all provide many different characteristics. Some materials are more aesthetically pleasing, whilst others provide higher levels of security. With this in mind, if you are looking to store more expensive items in the garage and require additional security and strength, a concrete garage can provide greater protection, compared to brick or stone.

Brick Garages

A brick garage is a highly popular design. They are often produced in the similar style design of your home, which provides continuity, and are available in many different colours through a patterned rendering system. Because the pattern is usually continued from your home, adjoining garages appear to have always been part of the house rather than a new feature, something which is popular to many homeowners. In addition Brick garages are built to last a long time and have good levels of weather resistance as well as providing high levels of security against theft.

Stone Garages

Stone Garages offer very similar characteristics as the brick garage, and are built in a very similar way. Differences include colour and style, with stone garages often featuring shades of different stones which can change colour during natural weathering. Their chemical properties also create high levels of strength and security and they have a long life guarantee.

Concrete Garages

Despite the high quality of stone and brick garages, they lack the strength and protection that concrete offers. Concrete garages, have been proven to provide much higher levels of security. Through the natural characteristics of the concrete, greater force is needed to break through and obtain any items inside.

Leading experts in the design and build of concrete garages Dencroft have also developed their own special interlocking panel system which provides even greater levels of security and strength, making it almost impossible to break through. Where stone and brick garages can have potential weak spots at every join (of which there are thousands), a concrete garage has very few connections. Each concrete panel is manufactured to full length, and at the joins, the carefully designed interlocking system ensures high levels of security throughout. As a result there are no weak points across the full length of the garage.

With this in mind, items that you may perhaps store in a loft, such as expensive tools, or even cherished family items, can now be stored in the garage without the risk of theft or weather damage.

So, concrete garages can provide greater protection of your items than a stone or brick garage. Despite the additional costs for ultimate protection a concrete garage is the market leader and will protect your items better.