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Save Money on Bathroom Remodeling

When remodeling a bathroom, there are endless ways to save and remodel. Take a true older style bathroom, and update it to be a modern & chic setting, in no time. Whisk a darker bathroom into a shabby-chic beach themed room easily, and without spending a lot of money, by following a few simple mantras.

Recycled Tiles

As you look to remodel the bathroom, consider using tiles from creative sources. Check with online-overstock sites, and look for great deals on tile. Look also for kitchen renovation projects, which may have backsplash tiles, as if they are a good deal you can use those as well. Look for wholesalers of tile for bathroom, and when you speak with your contractor, make sure you get exactly the amount you need, and try to avoid excess. It is always good to have some in stock in case your bathroom gets damaged, but try to avoid overspending on material that is not needed

Hardware and Faucets

Consigned and vintage hardware for your bathroom and sink are a great way to save money while having high end materials used. Learn to hunt a little for the upcoming project, and plan a little time to do the finding of the materials. You can find some examples online or in magazines of products you like, and go to the resellers of vintage home wear, and ask them to call you when something like that coms in stock. By having a team of people in your community that know what you are looking for, you are much more likely to find it, and get a great deal, too.

Antique Tubs

The bathtub will be an investment piece, but you can always save money by doing your research.  Look to the internet for bidding sites, and see if there are any antiques up for sale, that may require a little restoration. If you have a good contractor, that company may also be able to suggest a few ideas. Keeping up with what is available, will help you choose the best antique tub for your bathroom, and make sure it is sized appropriately, and restored when it arrives. This is such a boon to the overall appearance of your new bathroom that using a company like kangaroo loans for a quick, short-term loan could even be warranted.

Bargain Linen Sets

Linens are a important part of finishing off any bathroom renovation project, but don’t worry about going over the budget on high-threat count towels and linen sets. Visit several stores and find the thread-count you like the most, and in what blend. Then visit a reseller of overstocked bathroom sets, and by the set you like at a huge discount.  While there will be less selection on color, these overstock stores get in new stock every week, and will be constantly updating.

Make you own Window Treatments

Get excited for your drapery in your new bathroom, because with a creative touch you can make it personalized to your specific taste.  Take photos of your new design, and go to a local fabric store to pick out new material, and have them sewn into fabulous cost-efficient curtains that you can’t buy in the stores.  This is a very cheap way to make window treatments, as they are just the cost of the material and the labor to sew them, and are a very quick sew.  Keep the same rods, and use the new curtains for a jazzed up, perfectly balanced window treatment in your new bathroom.

Shower Curtains & Liners for Less

There are tons of websites that sell adorable new shower curtains that are  hand-made, or in limited supply, that are cheaper than the brand-name store items. These are available to purchase and ship, and if you don’t like them when they arrive, just send it on back. If you are looking to save big, you can also find liners (basic plastic) for just a few quid at almost every pharmacy. These should be replaced often for hygiene, so go with the cheapest.