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You Are At Risk Of A Break-in: Here's What To Do About It

Thanks to the invention of the deadbolt back in the 1960s, the number of burglaries from US homes started to decline. By 2005, most American homes had installed sophisticated electronic security systems to deter criminals. And the number of burglaries continued to fall.

Now though, as a nation, we have reached a plateau. These days the number of home burglaries is hovering around 1.5 million a year. Worryingly, many of the perpetrators of those burglaries are never tracked down and caught.

Forcing burglaries down further is going to require some additional effort on the part of concerned homeowners. Here are some common sense measures you can take to reduce the risk you'll suffer a break-in.

Don't Showboat

Criminals will rarely target a home at random. They're always on the lookout for clues about what might be inside. These clues tell them whether it's worth taking the risk and breaking in.

So what can homeowners do? Well, first of all, they can stop advertising that there are valuable items in the house. Don't leave expensive bikes outside the house, leant up against the wall. If burglars don't take them there and then, they'll clock the fact that you store nice bikes at your home. Then they'll come back later and take them.

Equally, if you've just bought a new plasma TV, don't leave the box lying around in the front yard. It's presence just advertises the fact that you've bought an expensive new TV and it gives the criminals an incentive to break-in.

Secure Your Garage Door

Garage doors are a notorious access point for criminals. They're often able to circumvent the security features on the doors and get into your house through it's the weakest point. Don't let this happen to you. Choose garage doors with sophisticated security devices, like those from Ensure that safety features are cleverly worked into the door and that there are no simple workarounds.

Remember, don't leave the remote to your garage door lying around in your car. Thieves can very easily break a car window and take the remote, opening your garage door without so much as breaking a sweat.

Trick Burglars

Burglars are far less likely to steal from you if they believe that you are in the house. That's because they're at a far higher risk of being caught.

Many criminals will target homes during the day when people are out at work. The trick here, therefore, is to create the impression that you are still at home, as suggested by Leave lights on or the television running to deter criminals from entering. If you don't want to waste electricity, you can get low-powered LEDs that mimic the light flickering from your TV. Just don't forget to close the blinds!

Have A Friend Pick Up Your Mail While You're Away

An overflowing mailbox is a sure sign that you've gone away on holiday. And this is a prime opportunity for thieves to break in and steal your stuff. Get a friend to pick up your mail so it looks like somebody's home.