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Protecting Your Family Jewels

When you and the family are working on beefing up home security, you probably have good reason to. Likely you are familiar with the fantastic offerings from Blue Nile. If you have made use of Blue Nile’s new partnership with Groupon, you’ve been privy to discounts like 40% off the entire product line up, and even straight cash discounts like $20 off of your order.

But no matter how good of a discount you have received on your orders, Blue Nile’s fantastic jewelry is something you want to cherish for the rest of your life. Whether you received a piece of jewelry as an engagement gift, a Valentine’s, or a birthday, you want to make sure that the jewelry you treasure, both for its inherent beauty and its sentimental value, is kept safe in your family’s home.

To beef up your home security, first off you may want to invest in a safe. But many people do not realize that during a home invasion, most criminals immediately look for and inquire about a safe. These safes are often not as fool proof as you might hope. Small explosives, a trained hand, or even a bit of muscle put into lifting a safe straight into a car can all easily crack a home safe open. For those reasons and more, it may be worth investing in other safety measures.

One of the best things you and your family can invest in is a solid set of security cameras. Take some time to set up a closed circuit surveillance system and you will be happy you did so. With just a small, couple hundred dollar investment, you can set up a home security system that will keep you and your family well protected.

First off, many thieves are put off by the sight of a home security system. There is no point in setting up a dummy system either. People know the difference between a real set of security cameras and ones that are fakes. Invest in the real thing, and many thieves will not even approach your home. Even if someone does invade, they will be caught on camera footage that can be turned over to the police. With that in hand, you should be able to recovery your valuables easily, including your Blue Nile pieces.