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Simple Tips for Busy Moms: How to Get Rid of the Most Common Stains

Being a mom and taking care of stains will unfortunately go hand in hand. That cute little outfit you put together for your boy this morning will probably come back home in the evening covered in mud, grass, food stains or all three of those.

Some stain varieties are notoriously known for being stubborn. We’re all aware of the fact that if such stains aren’t tackled immediately, they can become impossible to get rid of. Being a busy mom, however, will often leave you no time to deal with clothing or carpet stains immediately.

This is the main reason why we’ve decided to reveal some professional cleaning secrets that will make your life easier, help you deal with some of the most common stain varieties and leave you a bit of time for relaxation in the end of the busy day. From ketchup to crayons and dirt – here’s how to handle all of these stains like a pro.


Accidents do happen – scraped knees and bloody stains are very common.

Blood stains are considered as one of the toughest challenges. When they dry up, these become even more problematic. Still, you have a number of options to try.

White vinegar, ammonia, cornstarch and talcum all work miraculously well on fresh stains. The sooner you get those treated, the easier you’ll find it to return the fabric to its impeccable appearance.

If you have a dried blood stain, soak it in water overnight. You may want to try a commercial, enzyme-based product for the treatment of the fabric. Such products are also great for other stubborn stain varieties.

Finally, you may want to try lemon juice and hanging the stained item outside. The vitamin C found in lemon juice has the power to lighten fabrics, especially when exposed to sunlight. Obviously, however, this trick will work only for light-colored fabrics. 


Busy moms need their coffee in the morning. If you’re scrambling to get everyone ready for school, however, chances are that you may suffer from a morning accident that involves a coffee stain on your blouse or the carpet.

You can try several strategies for removing coffee stains. Vinegar and club soda poured on the stain while it’s still wet will do a pretty good job. You may also try a baby wipe – blot the spill gently and the wipe will absorb both the moisture and the stain.

Spaghetti Sauce and Tomato-Based Stains

Ketchup, pasta sauce and other tomato-based stains are a nightmare. Before attempting to do anything else, try to scrape off as much of the mess as possible. Don’t rub or brush the stained spot – chances are that you’ll get the red nightmare even deeper into the fibers.

Dish soap is great for the removal of oily stains like the ones produced by pasta sauce.

If the tomato stain has already dried, wet it thoroughly. Apply a little bit of dishwasher detergent. Bloat the mess with a sponge. If any of the stain remains, pour a bit of white vinegar and rub gently. When you see the stain disappearing, you can wash the garment in the traditional way. 

Mud and Dirt

This is probably the most common stain variety that moms have to deal with. 

Once mud has dried on clothes, it can simply be brushed off or removed with a spatula. Chances are that no visible signs of the stain will disappear from the surface. You can just wash the garment and it will look brand new.

If the stain is still visible, soak the garment overnight in a solution of cold water and laundry detergent. Rinse and throw the piece in the washing machine together with other clothes. The process for removing set-in mud stains is the same.

Crayons and Ink

The ways to deal with crayon and ink stains are different. Let us focus on the crayon stains first because they tend to be a bit more challenging.

Removing regular crayons will first involve trying to scrape off as much as possible from the fabric. A knife will usually do a good job. Use dishwashing liquid and hot water to rub off the rest of the stain. When you complete those preliminary steps, put the garment in the washing machine and use the hottest possible water to extract the rest of the stain.

Depending on the types of crayons that were used, you can find recommendations on the package itself. Many manufacturers provide recommendations for getting the crayons off of clothes, rugs and walls. 

To boost the effectiveness of the detergent you’re using, you may want to add a bit of baking soda.

When it comes to ink stains, you have several possible options to choose among. Ink can be extracted through the use of rubbing alcohol, ammonia, bleach or a product like OxiClean. If none of these strategies seem to work, you may want to opt for dry cleaning services.


Here’s one final very common stain that moms have to deal with. Unlike mud stains, grass stains happen to be a bit more challenging and stubborn.

Bleach is the ideal solution for white clothes that have been grass-stained. If you can’t use bleach on the garment, opt for a water and detergent solutions. Grass produces a dye stain, which is why it happens to be challenging. Hydrogen peroxide and vinegar are two of the best possibilities for getting rid of dye stains.

You should never treat grass stains with ammonia or degreasers. These can set the stain in the fabric permanently, making it absolutely impossible to remove.

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