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Open Sesame: 5 Reasons to Invest In an Automatic Garage Door

Getting in and out of the house is something that most of us spend little time thinking about because it's such a common and mundane activity. However, after giving it a little bit of thought, you'll instantly realize how much time and effort you can save by replacing your manual garage door with an automatic one. We're all busy people, so efficiency is key to living a stress-free life. If you want to make things easier on you, get an automatic garage door--and here's why.

1) Convenience

If you don't already own an automatic garage door, the number one reason for getting one is the sheer amount of convenience it will bring you. Manual garages must be opened using manual labor. They can be difficult to pull down and raise up if you're short, weak, or have a physical disability. You also have to exit your vehicle every time you want to close or open your garage. When you're in a hurry, manual garage doors can become a real hassle. That's where automatic garage doors come in. With the simple click of a remote, you can open and close your garage from inside your vehicle or within any reasonable distance from your home. Operating automatic garage doors requires very little time and effort, and they just make life so much easier.

2) Enhance Appearance and Value of Home

Automatic garage doors are a wise investment because they can really bring an older home into the modern age. With so many different materials, styles, and operating mechanisms to choose from, you can redesign your home in any way you like with the new door of your choice. By simply replacing your old garage door with a brand new one, you are giving your place a much needed visual makeover while getting more reliability and functionality out of an unused system. The addition of a new automatic garage door to your home also increases its value in the case you plan on selling it or renting it out. You could end up earning significantly more than you expected.

3) Increased Security

Manual garage doors can be easily bypassed by home invaders. This is because they are designed to run both ways on rails with physical force. An automatic garage door, on the other hand, runs on rails that are controlled by an electronic system. The garage door locks in place when shut, and the rails resist backward movement until the remote is pressed to activate the door in the other direction. All of this means that it'll take an extremely determined robber to break through an automatic garage door, and that's exactly what you'd want.

4) They're Affordable

Some people might decide to go with a manual garage door instead of an automatic garage door for the sake of saving money, but the truth is that they wouldn't be saving more than a few bucks. According to, the average total cost for an automatic garage door plus installation is right around $1,500 for something of high quality. Basic styles can be had for about a grand, and purchases can be made in small payments as well. Automatic garage doors are extremely affordable because the technology is so mainstream in today's world. Nowadays, the supply is so high compared to the demand that manufacturers typically lower asking prices or offer regular discounts to make enough sales for a profit. Investing in an automatic garage door is something that you won't regret because they last a very long time, and you'll surely get your money's worth.

5) Lower Risk of Injury

You can significantly reduce your chances of getting hurt while operating a manual garage door by making the switch to an automatic one. Since manual garage door operation requires exerting lots of energy, you could end up seriously hurting yourself if you have a heart condition or other health issues. You could also pull a muscle or dislocate a joint with the pushing and pulling motions necessary to open and close the door. Automatic garage doors will also prevent accidents involving the door falling back down on you. Electronic sensors can identify obstructions, humans and pets included, to prevent the door from crushing a new car or a child playing near the garage entrance.

The many benefits of an automatic garage door are pretty apparent when you lay it all out. Convenience, safety, security, aesthetics, and value are just a few reasons why you should consider upgrading your garage door. By making the change now, you'll save yourself a lot of time, money, and headaches down the road


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