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Alarms for the Elderly Ease Vulnerability

As we get older we have a tendency to lose a little confidence simply because we are unable to react as quickly as we used to; we move a little slower while the world about us seems to be altogether faster. It is a natural consequence of age; there are dangers in the world that should not be underestimated however. One little precaution that can give you peace of mind and allow your family to feel happier that you are alright is to get an alarm. An alarm provides security for you and will ease your family’s worries; they may not live close enough to be of immediate assistance and would otherwise worry continually about your safety.

Elderly alarms improve security


A personal alarm can provide round the clock security; it is an easy installation and a single press of the button with get help from the support team. You should investigate monitored alarms and think very seriously about getting one; installation is likely to be done within a couple of days. Such alarms can be programmed so that the response unit knows exactly where the message is coming from, meaning there is no need for a telephone call.

You can do a little research online to find out more. Search engines such as Google will provide plenty of information. If you are not too familiar with the Internet, someone will help you, family, friends or neighbours. These alarms can be bought and paid for online with a secure payment gateway preventing unauthorised access to your private financial details. You will get an immediate confirmation and delivery and installation within a matter of days.

How it works

An ideal alarm is one that has two means of getting help; a button on the unit itself and one on a remote that you can actually have with you at all times. The unit will have a two way response feature meaning you should get a call immediately. If you do not respond immediately to the call yourself the response team will be on its way straight away. You may be too far from the unit to respond.

The pendant alarm is an ideal way for you to keep your independence in later life. It is linked to your telephone line and immediately alerts the response team that something is wrong. You may prefer the remote on your wrist or on a belt around your waist. The choice will be entirely yours.


The unit itself is not intrusive; it is a bit like having a modem in your home that can be placed beside your telephone or certainly within a few feet of it. When it is installed you can be certain that there will be no unsightly wires around your home. You will have a battery backup in case of power cuts so that the system will work at all times.

It is natural for people to feel vulnerable as they get older. It is something that elderly alarms can ease because of the certainty that there will be a response if anything happens.