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Five security measures to consider when renovating a property

When it comes round to renovating an old property you shouldn’t just think about structural and aesthetic alterations but also consider whether there are any new security measures you can include in the process.

As you make changes around the building, the opportunity to install new security features often arises and should be taken advantage of. Whether you’re renovating your own home or a retail premises in Ipswich, new security measures are a useful addition and add value to most properties.

1. Smoke alarms

When it comes to protecting your home from potential threats, you don’t want to forget about the danger that fire presents. Though most countries have legislation in place that determines how common smoke alarms are meant to be throughout a home, this isn’t always adhered to.

Renovating a property is a great opportunity to install new alarms, replace old ones and check that all are in working condition.

2. Home security system

Home security systems have become incredibly complex and are actually a fantastic way to protect a home or building. Modern technology allows for such systems to be controlled remotely from a mobile device of some sort, while they can also be programmed to immediately contact the police in the event of a break in.

3. New locks

Many homes make do with sub-standard locks on their doors. Not only can such locks be easily picked but they will often capitulate to a tiny amount of physical force. Take the opportunity and look for new locks for any doors that provide entry to the building.

Make sure you combine different types of locks (e.g. deadbolts and rim latch locks) for additional security.

4. Window alarms

Though you may think of doors as the most common entry point for those looking to thieve from your property, windows are often a popular choice for burglars.

Consequently, window alarms can go a long way to helping keep you secure.

5. Security lights

Security lights are a fantastic deterrent for any property and can be installed all the way around a property. Not only do they make unwelcome visitors less likely to try and enter a property, they also increase visibility for those that may be able to spot them.