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De-Stress Your Home With These Simple Tips

Home is where you are supposed to relax and enjoy your free time. Sadly, for many of us the home has now become a place where tensions can be increased. There are all sorts of contributing factors as to why this may happen. It could be cold callers, salesmen knocking on the door, nuisance neighbours, or difficult teens. While not all problems can be simply removed, there are a few ways you can help de-stress your home and make sure you get the relaxation you need to feel happier and healthier.

Stop nuisance phone calls from stressing you out

Take Care of the Little Jobs

Most homes have lots of little DIY jobs that are ignored and left on the back burner. Sadly, these little jobs may seem insignificant individually, but they all add to your stress over time. Each time you open that cupboard with the broken hinge, your stress hormones increase a little bit. Every time you go to turn on the lights under the stairs, only to find them not working, your stress levels increase some more. These small jobs can be tackled with ease; you just need to get around to doing them.

This weekend, write down a list of all the little jobs that must be taken care of, head to the hardware store for any tools or equipment you need, and spend the day working through the list. You’ll feel happy at the end of the day for completing so many small tasks, and you will find living in your home to be that much easier.

Reorganise the Rooms

If the energy flow in your home isn’t working well, it’s time to move some furniture around. You should have an easy pathway to follow in each room. There shouldn’t be any blockages or obstacles that get in the way of you using specific pieces of furniture or accessing different areas of your home. Set a clear pathway in each room and throw out any clutter or pieces of furniture that aren’t of any use to you anymore.

We often cling on to items for sentimental reasons or because we think they could come in handy later. The truth is, if you haven’t used the items for over 12 months, you can certainly do without them. Sell them and raise some money, give them away, or send them to be recycled if they’re in poor condition.

Deal With Your Debt

If you’re in debt, you are probably receiving multiple letters from your creditors. Sometimes people find the only way to cope with the stress is to simply ignore it. What you’re really doing, though, is adding to the stress as nothing is getting sorted out. Seek some advice and contact everyone to negotiate some sort of agreement. You might be able to offer as little as £1 a month, and the letters will stop. You shouldn’t have to feel depressed by the sound of letters coming through your mailbox, so regain control.

Reclaim Your Phone

If you have cold callers and marketing calls interrupting the peace of your home, you can take action and reclaim your phone line. You can stop nuisance phone calls with a call blocker that allows friends and family to call but eliminates the scammers. This will amount to one more heavy burden being lifted off your shoulders.