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5Home Safety and Security Tips for Young Children

Of all of the places in the world where we want our children to feel secure, our homes would have to go on the top of the list. And with good reason. It’s the place where they eat, where they sleep, where they bathe and where they play. Yet even with our love, affection and a constant eye, it’s still important to have some home safety tips in place just for (extra) precaution’s sake.

If you would like a few failsafe suggestions on additional things that you can do to keep your young children more secure, we have included five of them below:

Keep covers on your outlets. Before you brought your kids home from the hospital, there’s a pretty big chance that one of the things that you did to baby-proof your home was cover up the outlets in your house; yet it’s a practice that you really should keep doing until your children are around school-age. The reason why is because kids tend to have a pretty big imagination and once they’re old enough to move about, you want to try and discourage them from turning the outlet into something like an ignition for their imaginary car.

Store chemicals in a hard-to-reach place. If your children like to help you clean, that’s awesome. But remember that many of the commercial cleaning products tend to have a lot of toxins and fumes in them; plus if they happen to be digested, it could prove to be extremely harmful. This is why you should store them in a top shelf in your pantry or garage. Also, when it comes to the ones that your children chores that your kids actually partake in, consider making some homemade cleaning products out of vinegar, baking soda and olive oil (go to your favorite search engine and put “homemade cleaning recipes” in the search field for ideas).

Don’t ever leave them around water without supervision. You would probably never dream of doing this when it comes the pool, but this applies to all forms of water including bathtubs and sinks. It only takes a little bit of water to cause a big catastrophe and so if you can’t be standing by your kids while they are using it, wait until it’s more convenient in order for you to supervise.

Keep them off of windowsills (especially in the second floor). Kids oftentimes like looking outside to see what’s going on but make sure that if they do, they are not actually leaning on the windowsill or window screen itself. Windows are not made to hold a lot of weight and so they could easily give way.

Tell them to never answer the door. Whether your child is in the living room watching television or they’re headed out to their play yard out back and they hear the doorbell, make sure that they know not to answer it, even if they think they know who it is. Even we as adults sometimes get our assumptions wrong and you never want your child to be in the presence of a stranger without you standing right there with them.