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How to Prevent Slips and Falls in Your House

Falls and slips are an all too common occurrence in the average home. People of all ages find themselves struggling with this issue and suffering the painful consequences. Even though it may seem like most falls and slips are just accidents, a lot of these issues can be prevented ahead of time.

Everyone can take special measures to make sure that their home is safe enough to prevent the common issues that cause people to slip or fall on a regular basis. Using these tips, people can make their home a safer place for everyone. Here are some ways to prevent slips and falls in your home.

Fix the floors

Old flooring that is broken or otherwise unsafe is one of the most common causes of trips and falls in the home. Flooring can seem expensive for a lot of home owners to replace, so it is often an issue that is left unresolved for a long time. Everyone can fix their flooring or replace sections entirely inexpensively by looking in a flooring showroom in Utah to find the best prices.

Be careful with waxing

Wax is a great addition to hard flooring that makes it last longer and look better. However, over-waxing can be an easy way to make the floors unsafe for most people. Read the directions before applying any wax and consider hiring a professional to get the job done.

Give pets a better place to lie

A lot of family pets will choose random places around the home to take a rest and relax. Home owners can make it more enticing for them to lay outside of commonly trafficked areas of the house by placing beds for them along the walls. This is a simple way to keep people and pets in the home safer.

Read medication labels clearly

There are some medications that can cause dizziness as a side effect. Though this is not always common, everyone on medications should read the labels carefully to make sure that this is not a possible side effect for them. If dizziness does occur with a certain medication, speak with a doctor about finding an alternative.

Wear shoes

It is not common for people to wear shoes in the home. However, those who have a lot of hard flooring or are otherwise unsure on their feet should consider getting a pair of shoes to wear in the home. This can give anyone more stability and balance.

Install better handrails

Handrails are the best way to prevent falling and make traveling on unstable surfaces so much easier. A lot of people will have handrails in their homes, but few people have rails that are up to the current standards or enough railings in their home. Consider adding more in some areas of the home that seem unstable or updating current railings to make them more secure. This is a simple home improvement that everyone can try to make the entire home a safer place.