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Top Tips For Moving Day

We all know that there is nothing more stressful than moving house, so it’s essential you do everything possible to prepare for the big moving day. Even if you think you have it all under control, surprises on the day can be really frustrating, not to mention expensive, so follow our simple tips below to help you get ready for the move...

1) As soon as you have your moving date, give your removals company a call. They’ll be able to give you a quote for helping to safely pack and transport all your belongings to your new property.

It’s always a good idea to choose a company that also offers storage in case you get delayed at the last minute. That way you’ll have the option of putting your furniture in to a secure storage unit for a few days while you sort everything out.

2) The last thing you want is to get half way through packing and realise you don’t have enough boxes! So stock up on packaging supplies, cardboard boxes, tape and plenty of labels. Making sure you label every box and bag with its contents and which room it should go to - it will make unpacking at your new home much quicker and easier.

3)The next step is to start your packing. Make a plan and begin packing up seasonal clothes, sports and garden equipment and books and DVDs a few weeks before moving day. Do a room at a time and spread it out over a few weeks and it won’t seem like such a big job. Rushed packing is very stressful, so doing it in a more relaxed way will make sure you have the time to be careful, saving any potential breakages from packing in a hurry.

Another tip for whilst you’re packing is to be meticulous, ensuring each box or bag has similar things in it, all meant for the same room, wardrobe or draw. This means you’ll be able to get all your belongings unpacked and put away much quicker!

4) Dig out an bank statement and make a note of all your direct debits and payments, so you know who you need to contact with your new address. For example:

  • Water, Gas & Electric
  • Phone & Internet
  • Car Insurance & DVLA
  • Credit Cards, Bank Accounts & Loans

Don’t forget to set up a mail redirect at the post office, and as you’ll be ahead of time you could even write out some new address cards to let all your friends and family know you’ve moved.

5) It will be a long day and the first thing you’ll want to do when you arrive at your new home, is put the kettle on! So our last tip, and the one you’ll be most grateful of on moving day, is to prepare a box of essentials that will travel with you. Fill it with tea and coffee supplies, some juice for the kids, mugs and beakers, and snacks to keep you going. A few other things you might want to consider are plasters, painkillers and antiseptic wipes, in case of any little accidents, your phone charger, some loo roll and hand soap and a few toys that will keep the kids from under your feet while you unpack.

Rachel Smith is a UK based blogger currently writing for Affordable Removers based in Nottingham in the UK. Rachel has recently moved house and these tips are from her own personal experience.