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Ideas to Spruce Up Your Kitchen with Discount Bamboo Shades

Your kitchen is one of your most treasured spaces. Not only is it one of the busiest rooms in a home, it is the one that sees the most adventures. Your baby’s first meal was made here, here was the first place you baked a cake (and burned it) and this is where you have graduated to creating culinary masterpieces for your family. Shouldn’t it be a room that stands out like no other?

There are many ways to spruce up a kitchen area. One of them is through your window treatments. Treatments such as discount bamboo shades and roman shades are some of the best choices for the versatile needs of a kitchen. Here are some marvelous and timeless tips to making yours a room to contend with.

Less is More

It’s time to get rid of all those heavy window coverings. Swap them out with some simple discount bamboo shades. Upholstered cornices are a great option if you want to go in for a less-fabric look.

Keep it Light

Natural light is a very important component of a kitchen space. Pleated shades are great because they not only offer privacy, but also allow much light into your kitchen. Pleated shades are available in many different pastel shades from white to sky blue. You can also get them in tropical patterns as well as more subtle stripes.

Pick Vibrant Colors

Choose a contemporary tone for your fabric. Fabrics that come in trending colours like greens, golds and black work well here. For better results, try coordinating the print in the cornice or valance or mixing cotton fabric prints within the treatment. Make tiny kitchens look bigger by using light colors and make oversized kitchens look cozier, more elegant and inviting with warm colors.

Choose Texture

Roman shades are another great option for your kitchen. They are available in the form of rattan, discount bamboo shades, and other natural fibers. They will roll up smoothly and add an aesthetic appeal to your kitchen.

Soften Direct Light

Your kitchen needs to be pleasant and cool to work in. Too much light does not compliment this. You can use discount bamboo shades or wooden blinds to filter light through without making your kitchen space too heavy.

Consider some Curves

Doing things differently can change things up quite a bit when it comes to your kitchen space and heighten its elegance and beauty. For example, if your kitchen has many squares or straight lines like cabinets, appliances, counters, etc., include window treatments with some soft curves which tend to open small kitchens up very well.

An arched valance over a sink is also a great idea, as is a box pleated valance with a curved line along the bottom or a curved cornice. Roman shades with their edges lined with decorative ribbons are another way to make your window treatment look more unique without spending tons of money on it. Visit Payless Decor to browse through a wide range of discount bamboo shades and other curtain embellishments. 

John Henrickson