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An Easy Guide to Blocking Unwanted Calls on Your Landline

If you have a phone then chances are that you've got nuisance calls. Unfortunately, it's not quite as easy to stop them on a landline as it is on a mobile. With no real blocking features, many people give up entirely and just deal with annoying or harassing calls as they get them. Luckily for you, there are more than a few ways to block incoming calls on a landline, so you don't have to live with them. Ready for some peace and quiet? Let's get started.  

Call Your Service Provider 

Most telephone companies offer a free or subscription call blocking service that you can take advantage of whenever you want. For the most part the subscription is relatively low-cost if it costs anything at all. All you have to do is call your service provider, ask them to block a specific number, and then they will initiate the call block. To do this, you should check the number that is harassing you. 

If you do not have caller-ID or the caller-ID is blocked, then you can get the number by dialling 1471. This will automatically tell you the last caller ID. It does not work if you make a call out in the meantime, or if someone else calls you and you do not answer. You can also press 3 should you wish to return the call, but this costs 17 pence. Once you have the number, make sure it is written down, and then relay it to your service provider. Most blocks take 24 hours or less, and your specific harasser will not be able to call you in the future unless they get a new number. Different service providers offer different types of call blocking, so make sure you ask them about it first. Some limit your options to just 6 numbers, so you will have to carefully choose the numbers to block.   

Some telephone packages include extras like call screening and call security for an extra cost. One option is to simply offer an additional security number that you can hand out to your friends and family. Once in place, anyone who does not have this number cannot actually get through to your phone. The plus side is that no one will be calling you without your express consent, the downside is that you come off as a bit paranoid and your boss might get annoyed if you forget to give him the right code. Unfortunately this service is far from free, but prices vary according to the provider.  

Call Screening  

Another option that is a little bit more appropriate and eventually more affordable than a service provider blocking service is a call blocking screening device. These devices allow you to block numbers on your own with the push of a button. This is eventually much faster and much more affordable, as you can block as many numbers as you want without paying the average 2-10 pence a minute charged by telecoms companies should you want to talk to their 'help' staff. Many call blockers block up to 200 general marketing numbers, while a good option like the Pro Call Blocker will allow you to block around 1,500 numbers including telemarketers and salesmen, rather than having to block each number individually. Call blockers cost between £30 and £99, but you can get a good one for around £40 if you shop around. 

All you have to do is press a button and the number will not be able to call through to you in the future. Because blocking is easy, it's easy to stop annoying calls and easy to block anyone who changes their number when they figure out you've blocked them. Because this type of service is generally about the same price as ten months of calling to manually block specific numbers, it is generally considered to be a little better. Settings vary, but a good one will allow you to screen out blocked numbers so that you never hear the phone ringing and the caller receives a busy signal.  

Blocking Incoming Calls 

If you are being harassed by marketing and service calls then your best bet is a call blocker. You can also sign up for the TPS do not call list for some additional protection, and consider reporting any harassing calls. Your safety and security is a serious matter in the UK, so if you feel that you are being harassed, just dial 1471, write down the number, and report it.  

Bob Emerald is a freelance writer from the UK, he was sick of nuisance calls and so bought a call blocker to save him grief at tea time.