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Handling Emergency Plumbing Problems

An emergency always happens when you least expect it or it would not be an emergency at all. If a plumbing problem slowly occurred you would if you do any maintenance at all, notice the problem long before it became an emergency. Of course, the smart homeowners will have a list of repair companies so when an emergency does occur they can get the help they need quickly.

One of the most common plumbing problems is leaking pipes. In most cases you will notice water pooled under the sink in the cabinet before the issue becomes an emergency. Of course, pipes can burst without any notice at all and there is not much you can do if that happens. You should always know where all of the water shut offs are in your home and the main water shut off outside the home, often where your water consumption is read for your monthly bill. You may have water shut off valves under the sink, behind your washing machine and possibly behind your refrigerator.

You may be able to temporarily fix a leaking pipe by using sealant, but this is often a fix that will only last a few months. Too many times, this small fix may lead to larger problems. Pipes that are weak will often start with a small crack which can grow or even break in a new location once you use sealant on the small one. It would be in your best interest to replace the entire pipe to save yourself trouble in the future as well as more cost. Before you replace the pipe, it would also be a good idea to speak with a professional plumber to ensure you purchase the right pipe.

The second most common plumbing problem is clogs. When these are found sink, it can usually be handled just by cleaning the trap which is located at the bottom of the pipe under the sink. For tubs and showers the problem is a bit harder but can still be accomplished by using a coat hanger or snake. Remember, though, all those products sold to unclog drains are often toxic and can harm your plumbing. If you have tried all the various ways to unclog a drain and you are still having problems contact a plumber instead of using over the counter products for unclogging drains.

Dripping faucets come in third on the list of common plumbing problems. As long as you know which faucet to purchase that will fit in the area you have, you can easily replace the entire faucet. Of course, it would still be in your best interest if you are not sure which faucet to buy, to contact a plumber.

When you do need an emergency plumber in Toronto, you should grab your list and do not hesitate to call or your home may become flooded which will cost you more in the long run.