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What’s involved in professional carpet cleaning?

Whether you live in a big house with wall-to-wall carpeting or a small apartment, there are times when it is beneficial to call in a professional carpet cleaning company. When it comes to carpet cleaning Squamish residents have a wealth of choice, but before you choose a company it’s important to know that there are many different methods of commercially cleaning carpet, and not all methods are best for all types of carpet and all types of stains.

Hot Water Extraction

This is perhaps the most common method, known also as steam carpet cleaning. Using this method, highly pressurized water is used to agitate the carpet fibres, breaking up dirt at the base and lifting it out. A cleansing agent is applied to the stain, then the carpet is agitated, then the cleaning agent is rinsed away.

This is a relatively quick process to complete, but it does require a substantial drying time. You could be looking at about 4 to 5 hours for drying time following the cleaning treatment, during which time the carpet will be very wet and the smell of the cleaning agent will be quite prevalent. It’s best to have this treatment done when you will be out of the house for several hours, such as during the work day.


Carpet shampooing is just what it sounds like: the rinsing of soiled carpet with wet, sudsy bubbles to remove stains. The trouble with this outdated method is that because the suds are not effectively rinsed away, the carpet often remains sticky once it is dry. This is another method in which the carpet takes a long time to dry. Not many companies use this method anymore, and you should be wary of those who do.

Dry carpet cleaning

If a company offers dry carpet cleaning, they are probably a very modern company. This is one of the latest cleaning technologies available on the carpet cleaning market. It has become increasingly popular not only because of its effective cleaning abilities but also because the dry method doesn’t not require any drying time. That means you can get back to living in your home immediately after the treatment.

During this method, a powder is distributed to the bottom part of the carpet using a rotating brush. This opens the carpet fibres and allows the powder to seep into the fibres, achieving a deep and thorough clean. The compounds used in this method are biodegradable, working to dissolve the stains and dirt in the carpet. These particles are then lifted up and away from the carpet in the final step of the process.

There is a wealth of information out there about different kinds of carpet cleaning services available. The choice is yours to make, but hopefully this article will help you make that decision a little easier.