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All About Home Lighting

Having good home lighting conditions is important not only because it can enhance the aesthetic value of the interiors, but also because it improves the level of efficiency and productivity each of the rooms can provide.

Planning and setting up the lighting for home is not easy; one has to possess the right knowledge and some skill in order to be able to proceed with it successfully and safely.


Effective planning always includes having a timeline. Something as crucial as your home's lighting cannot be achieved only in a matter of hours; it requires adequate preparation and a thorough understanding of what needs to be done. When it comes to planning your home's lighting style and techniques, you have to have a complete comprehension of the specific functions of every room in your house. This will be essential in creating an efficient lighting set-up for every nook and cranny -- ensuring that comfort and productivity will be at their maximum potential.

The following tips will help you have a better idea of how you should light every crucial part of the house:

Living room

The living room is one of the high-traffic areas in the house. It is where the weekly movie marathons are held, and during parties it is where majority of the guests gather. On some occasions, it's also the place where you can unwind -- watch a DVD or call for home service. Given the many purposes a living room can serve, the lighting in it should also be multi-functional. For this you can combine floor lamps or wall sconces with overhead lighting such as chandeliers.


Being the ultimate place in the house for rest and relaxation, the bedroom is one of the most frequented place at home. The lighting set-up in the bedroom should  be more relaxing than task-oriented. You can make use of wall sconces with dimmer switches, modern floor lights, or floor lamps to achieve a warm, soft, and relaxing ambience.


The kitchen is where the hustle and bustle of the house happens. It is where cooking and other food preparation endeavors are carried out. That said, task lighting is highly important in the kitchen -- to give adequate coverage to small areas where chopping, slicing, and other precision tasks are usually done. Under the cabinet spotlights, and pendant light over countertops are the most ideal kitchen lighting fixtures. A main light source, however, must still be installed such as chandeliers or other types of pendant lighting.


The bathroom may be the least of your concerns as it's pretty easy to light. Since it can be both a functional and a place for relaxation, you simply have to mix and match a main light source and wall sconces that will give the warm and relaxing ambience you need during your de-stressing bubble baths.

Rule of thumb

Whichever part of the house it may be, you simply need to carefully assess what specific purposes you want it to have. This will determine which lighting fixtures would work best for you and your family's day to say lighting needs.

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