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What Are Water Leak Alarms And What Are They Used For?

A water leak alarms is an electronic alarm that can be placed strategically at different places with the aim of detecting water leakage right at the beginning and before it causes whole scale damage. Generally, these devices are placed in places where there is a higher likelihood of a leakage occurring. It may be near a dishwasher, a central water heater or even under the toilet tanks.

A hole or ruptures in the pipes or hoses are some of the common causes of leakages. If the leakage is severe, it can cause large-scale damage. Detecting water leaks on time can help protect your valuable property and prevent a total disaster. When the water leak alarm comes in contact with any water, it emits a piercingly loud alarm. Depending on which type of instrument you choose to use, the alarm may sound for up to 72 hrs.

Some water leak detection instruments could be as basic as a modified doorbell transformer or as complicated as any other highly sophisticated detection systems. Like some of the more high-tech security systems, some water leak detector models can also call a pre-set number in case of a leak. Irrespective of which system you opt for, all of these devices are designed to prevent water leakage from causing havoc on your property.

Types of Water Leak Alarms

Typically, there are three types of water leak detection instruments:

  • Passive Water Leak Alarms- These simple battery-operated instruments have to be placed individually at various sites that are prone to water leaks. When they detect a leak, either some lights will flash on them or they will emit a sharp alarm. These passive alarms are primarily used to detect water leaks but the hi-sensitivity ones also detect moisture levels that are higher than normal. These alarms require a 9v battery and have to simply be placed on the floor at probable leakage spots.
  • Active Water Leak Alarms- Unlike the passive alarms, not only do these detect the leak and raise an alert, but they also take some action against any leak. It is possible to program them to shut-off the main water supply or even call a predetermined telephone number to indicate that there is a leak even while the alarm is being sounded. Individual water leak detection alarms can be used for appliances such as dishwashers, water heaters or washing machines. These sensors are placed at all potential water leak sites. The device will block the main water supply to the house as soon as it comes in contact with water.
  • Underground Water Leak Alarms- These specialized acoustic-detection instruments are used to detect any underground leaks, thus preventing disasters from occurring. They are very different from the traditional passive and active ones and are generally digital. Leakages are detected acoustically via sophisticated microphones. They are very sensitive instruments and can detect the slightest of murmuring or dripping of water as it leaks out of underground and confined spaces.

The alarm that you buy will depend on the place that you want to position in it. Today, it is possible to acquire all these alarms at big home improvement stores. Simple systems are not too expensive and the alarm itself is loud enough to be heard when it is placed under a cabinet or in a basement. 

This article has been produced on behalf of CMR Electrical, designers and manufacturers of water leak detection equipment with SMS alarms ( for unmanned areas or remote locations.