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The Rise of CCTV Surveillance

Safety and security are two areas of constant concern for every human being. We all have an overwhelming desire to feel safe, both in a physical sense and the things that we own, our personal possessions that are priceless and carry so much sentimentality. Most importantly we all have a need to feel safe within our homes. The number of burglaries is on the rise, there are people out there that completely disregard the fact that something does not belong to them, that they feel they have a right to enter someone else’s home and take things, which have a financial worth. The issue of security goes far beyond just burglaries; assaults, intruders, etc. are very real issues that sadly some people have to face.

For many the need to protect our families is that strong they put measures in place to help them ensure the safety of those they love the most. More people are now looking to companies that are able to install and monitor the family home and raise the alarm should the worst become a reality.

Layer3 Security Services, a company based in San Diego, are frequently called upon to install security systems. CCTV surveillance was something that was used mainly by businesses that were desperate to protect their property and their assets. This has changed dramatically with the increased crime rate and now security services are being called on by an equal amount of businesses and homeowners.

There is a very real fear that CCTV and other security devices are not being used in quite the way it was intended. Neighbour disputes, family disagreements, spying, and the need to find any wrong doing by any party are just a few reported ways the security systems are being used. CCTV is there to act as a deterrent to unwanted attention, to capture any criminal evidence and to provide peace of mind for the homeowner. They are not there to be used as a spying tool or something that will simply encourage a negative situation. The problem of miss-used CCTV is now a very real problem and officials in America have proposed legislations and guidelines as to the proper use of the equipment and the possibility of penalties brought on by improper CCTV conduct.

Security facilities allow the pressure to be eased on the already overstretched police force. People have the right to protect their property and the things, which belong to them, and security is the best solution to an on going problem and concern. There is no reason why security features cannot be a good addition to the home, other than offering peace of mind they can save the heartache that comes with burglaries and thefts and they can also reduce home insurance costs if it is seen that security devices are in place to protect the home. CCTV in particular needs to be used properly, appropriately, in the most productive way possible to ensure that your home is protected and that you are in keeping with the law.