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How to Keep Your Home Safe on a Budget

Keeping our homes safe from intruders has to be one of the most important priorities for many of us. Whether we live on our own, or have a whole family to care for, security can help us sleep easier at night. However, not everyone has a large budget to spend on security systems, alarms and all the rest of it. Let's have a look at the best ways to keep a home safe and secure, on a smaller budget.

Low Cost Alarm Systems

Many people are worried that alarm systems in the home can cost a lot of money, and so don't bother getting them installed. However, you can get low cost alarm systems that really are not expensive and can definitely put your family's mind at rest. They could be as simple as a motion sensor system located near your front and back door, or something a bit more advanced to cover windows and other entry points too.

Some people go for fake alarm systems, in an effort to deter thieves. This consists of a box on the wall of your home (which looks like an alarm), and a sign warning intruders of a complex alarm system. Many intruders will only attempt breaking into houses that they think will be an 'easy in and out', which is why this works so well. Alarm system companies are used to providing this kind of set up, so ask around and see which one is cheapest.

Staying Vigilant Costs Nothing

The cheapest way to keep your home safe is by staying vigilant and asking your family to do the same. There are simple ways to do this, such as by ensuring all doors and windows are kept locked whenever you leave the home or go to bed. You can also keep lights or the television on when you go out (or again when you go to bed), to make it seem as though someone is awake or in the house. Intruders are not going to attempt to get past you, if they think you're on your guard.

Many towns and cities will operate a neighbourhood watch scheme, which is another great way of staying vigilant. Keeping an eye out for your neighbours will ensure that they do the same, meaning there will always be someone watching over your home. Find out what is operating in your area and join the community watch programmes, for a free and effective form of security.

Solar Power Security Lights

Security lights are a brilliant way to deter thieves and intruders, as no one wants to be caught with a light shining straight on them. However, having an electrician to come round your house and wire in a whole security light system can certainly be pricey. That's where solar powered lights come in, as they are just as safe but without all of the extra costs involved.

You don't have to pay electricity costs for solar power, or for an electrician to wire them in, yet most solar security lights are just as cheap (if not cheaper) than your normal electric powered lights. They will power up through the day and then switch on automatically at night. You can opt for those with a sensor, which will turn on when someone walks past, but even those can be switched on and off when you need them. Having security lights installed will make you feel much safer during the evening and when you go to bed at night, plus they act as a deterrent for burglars. I found some cheap solar security lights at

Karen Andrews has been an active member of the volunteer support group for the elderly and regularly discusses their home security with them. She often recommends they have a dog for comfort and dogs also act as a great burglar alarm.