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Different Types of Guns for Home Security

When it comes to home security, nothing says stay away like a firearm or an assault rifle. This is one of the main reasons why guns have been such an integral part of the fabric of what it means to be a homeowner. In a wild and dangerous world, it is your constitutional right to protect your property using any type of legally acquired firearm. However, it can be hard to know what type of gun is best, especially when it comes to protecting your domicile. Do you have a gun that sends a clear message or do you buy a gun that gives a subtle hint? Here are some different types of guns for home security.

One of the most popular guns to keep in your arsenal for home protection is the AR-15 Rifle. The rifle is the civilian version of the military issued M-16. If you are looking for a weapon that will send a message or stop a would be home invader in his or her tracks, this gun will certainly do the trick. Not only that, but this gun has the capability to hold thirty rounds, which is plenty if you don’t want to be caught without ammo. The only downside to this weapon is that it is expensive, so many people have a hard time being able to afford one. If you can afford one, this is one of the best guns you can own.

And if you are looking for a gun that will send a very clear message, a good shotgun is recommended. If you want to be a little more specific, you may want to look into purchasing a twelve-gauge – pump action – shot gun. When it comes to sending a message to would-be home invaders or thieves, a shot gun will certainly make people scurry. Also, the pump action and double barrel makes it easy to dish out punishment for anyone that crosses the threshold onto your property. The only downside to a shotgun is that it does not carry a lot of ammo, but the plus side is that a shot gun is relatively affordable if you can find the right model.

Lastly, one of the most popular types of gun for home protection is a hand gun. In most cases, a semi-automatic nine millimeter is the most effective, because it can hold ample rounds in each clip. In most home invasions, the thief is usually solo, so having a compact gun may be just enough. In most cases, simply flashing the gun will be enough. You can visit, to learn all about handguns, but what you will also notice is that you have a lot of versatility. When it comes to choosing a weapon that is affordable, lightweight and accessible, you may find that a handgun is just the right gun for you. If you are looking for a gun that is easy to manage and is also affordable, a handgun is probably what you should purchase to protect your home.