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Top 5 Backyard and Patio Security Tips

When it comes to providing a home environment that is safe and secure for your family, you have probably taken plenty of precautions to ensure that your home is free of hazards and that doors, windows, and other points of entry are protected by locks, alarms, or any other means of security you deem necessary. However, you may have forgotten one area of your property in your efforts: your backyard and/or patio area. You might not be that worried about intruders trespassing on your lawn, but stopping threats in the backyard keeps them one more step removed from your door. And there may be hazards already lurking there if you haven’t done due diligence. So here are just a few important tips for safety and security where the exterior of your home is concerned.

  1. Use fencing. Proper fencing not only keeps kids from wandering out into busy streets during outdoor play time, but it also serves to keep all kinds of potential threats to your household out. Locking gates can deter would-be intruders, for one thing, and they can also keep out dogs or other animals that might otherwise wander in, as well as neighborhood kids. If you have a pool on your property, this type of fencing may even be required by law as a safety feature (and it will certainly reduce your liability).
  2. Lock up valuables and hazardous items alike. If you want to reduce the threat of theft, it’s in your best interest to keep anything valuable locked up and out of sight when not in use. This could include a high-end grill, bicycles, sporting equipment, and so on, and a simple shed will generally suffice when it comes to keeping them hidden. However, it’s not a bad idea to put a padlock on other potential hazards as well, such as the propane tank for your gas grill, chemicals meant for your lawn and garden, and dangerous equipment like a power mower or sharp gardening tools. If you leave these items easily accessible, they could cause harm to your children or others.
  3. Check for poisonous plants. Most homeowners don’t see a threat when they look at the flora and fauna in their yards. But if you have small children or pets that will eat anything, the plant life in your yard could certainly be cause for concern. If you’re not sure what might be poisonous, snap a few pics with your smartphone and head to your local nursery. A garden expert should be able to tell you which plants pose a risk to humans and pets, as well as give you some suggestions for possible replacements so that your yard remains beautiful even as you make it safer.
  4. Use an alarm system. You might not think it’s necessary to have an alarm on your fence or gates, but it’s just one more way to keep out unwanted guests. It can act as an early warning system of intrusion that gives you and your family a little more time to call the authorities and/or escape in the event of a break-in, and most intruders won’t expect an alarm system outside the house, giving you the element of surprise.
  5. Non-slip features. Whether you happen to have a pool area or your sprinkler system creates wet patches on your patio, slips and trips could be a valid concern. As a safety feature you might consider covering these areas with outdoor rugs, rubber mats, or even a non-slip coating. Any concrete surfaces that are frequently exposed to water can benefit from such safety features.