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Protecting your Home: Top Five Security Tips

Making your home as safe as possible doesn’t just mean that your possessions are secure, it also gives you that added peace of mind you need in order to proceed with your day worry-free. Unfortunately, burglaries do happen, and while statistics have shown a dramatic decrease over recent years – they do still occur. Optimising home security, then, is still vitally important.

Experiencing a burglary and the subsequent recovery process can leave you feeling extremely vulnerable; it’s a feeling that you should never have to feel, especially not in your own home. Making your house less of a target for burglaries will decrease the risk of you falling victim to those willing to infiltrate your residence and inflict trauma on you and your loved ones.

The following five security tips can help you in protecting your home:

Fit an Alarm

Research conducted by ADT last year showed that a massive 94% of burglars would avoid a house, and cross it off their target list, if they could see that it had a monitored alarm. Wherever you are in the country, there should be a local alarm expert who can fit you a monitored alarm if you don’t already have one. Birmingham alarms from Centrasec are some of the best, most affordable in the business, and can be installed in no time.

Use Motion Sensors

Outside lighting that automatically switches on when it senses movement can be a superb deterrent for burglars due to the increased risk of them getting caught. Even if you’re not in your home, make sure that these motion sensors are operational so that criminals think twice. These cowards willing to break into your home under the cover of darkness will be less encouraged in their scheme by the deterrent of strong lighting on the property.

Fit Net Curtains or Blinds

Anything that obscures the view of inside your home will stop burglars from seeing what you have. Net curtains are more of a permanent addition to a window, which you can see out through but it’s incredibly difficult to see through the windows of homes that have them. Draw curtains and blinds during the evenings and, if you’re away, ask a neighbour or family member to pop round to do it.

Leave a Car in the Driveway

Making it look like someone is home, even if they’re not, may help to deter burglars. If you need to take your car away with you, ask a neighbour to park one of their cars in your driveway to help with the illusion.

Use Timers on your Lights

If you’re going to be away from your home for the night, fit timers to the lights so they flicker on as darkness falls. It gives the illusion that someone is home and most burglars will be deterred, scared at the thought of being caught in the act.

Adopt this advice and get home security tips from DYNO and help ensure that your home will be as safe as houses! 

This article was written by Roxanne Wells on behalf of Centrasec.