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Best Types of Roofs for a Reindeer Landing

Each year around Christmastime, homeowners evaluate their roof to see if it is suitable for Santa and his reindeer to land on. In addition to preparing for the real Santa to land on the roof, there are other Christmas-related roof scenarios to evaluate. Whether you are expecting Santa, have extensive reindeer decorations on your rooftop or simply fear a snowy white Christmas, there is hope. With a little bit of inside information from experts like Kidd Roofing, you will have a roof so suitable for a reindeer and sled landing that Santa will write you a thank you note.

Roofs that Withstand Christmas Rooftop Reindeer Decorations

In the roofing business, many contractors get phone calls concerning rooftop Christmas decorations. In particular, homeowners are concerned that they do not have a rooftop that can endure the multitude of decorations required to complete the Santa and reindeer scene. Since Santa has eight reindeer, this means there are at least 10 different items that will be on top of the roof. The main concern is whether or not the roof is strong enough to support someone placing the decorations on top of the roof. There are also questions about whether a roof can be drilled to anchor the reindeer and Santa decorations.

Snowstorms and Blizzards

Have you ever had to spend Christmas seeking shelter in a hotel? When there is a strong ice storm, hail, snowstorm or blizzard, there is a small chance that it will add weight to your roof causing it to cave in. Naturally, the holidays are not always a best time to contact the insurance company or emergency roofing repair services. To prevent these situations, having your roof inspected and repaired longer before Christmas time is the best idea.

In the cases where you are not able to ensure your roof is safe for a reindeer landing, you may need to give Santa Claus and his reindeer a warning before they land on top of your roof. The best way to do this is by not hanging your Christmas stockings by the fireplace or leaving cookies. Instead, you can hang your stockings and place cookies beside them at the hotel while your caved-in roof is being remedied. Thanks to smartphone apps that only Santa has, he will be able to see that you have switched locations and will not attempt to land on your faulty under-maintained rooftop.

The Best Type of Roof for Santa and his Reindeer

There are so many different types of roofs and roofing materials on the market, it can be difficult to decide which is best. For all intensive purposes, the best rooftop for Christmas decorations or Santa and his reindeer to land on is going to be a sturdy roof that is regularly inspected. While it may seem like a flattop roof works best, centuries of data collected by Santa Claus clearly shows that his reindeer can land on any roof except one that is on the verge of collapse. While there are several potential solutions in the works, Santa states in his studies that he would appreciate it if everyone would work to maintain their rooftops in order to protect the health of his reindeer.

Does Santa Pay for Hoof Damages?

Finally, one of the main questions that homeowners have after Christmas is whether Santa pays for damages from landing on the roof. Interestingly, because he is a magical elf, the leaks in the roof that supposedly come from the reindeer hooves landing on a rooftop are not his fault. Instead, most contractors find that these leaks are caused by unattended damaged areas of the roof that have absorbed water. During the winter months, freezing temperatures cause this absorbed water to expand and make roofing issues more apparent. Instead of putting a new roof on your Christmas list for next year, you can avoid many of these issues by having a regular inspection of your roof by a trained professional before inclement weather hits.

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