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What Do Professional Thieves Look for When Selecting Their Next Location?

What Do Professional Thieves Look for When Selecting Their Next Location?We all know that personal safety is important, but sometimes you forget that it is also important to keep our house or business safe while you are away. The statistics for burglaries in the United States are really shocking. About every twelve seconds a burglary takes place, and Americans loose over three Billion dollars from thieves during home and office burglaries every year. Follow these... ❯❯❯

Home Security: Safeguard Your Yard

Understanding how a burglar selects a target can help homeowners reduce their chances of being a victim. Most burglaries occur at homes that appear to have quick, easy access and/or lots of cover that reduces the chance of being seen. Think of landscaping and exterior security devices as your first line of defense. Following are tips to safeguard your yard. Lighting Use automatic timers on... ❯❯❯

Doors With Glass Panels - An Easy Way In For The Burglar

If the entrance door to your home is fitted with glass panels, or there is a glass panel right next to the door, you have yourself a home security risk. Doors with glass panes allow light into what otherwise would be dark hallways, but from a security point of view they are a poor design. It does not take much for a burglar to break that glass, reach in and open the latch, or turn the knob on... ❯❯❯

Wireless Nanny Cameras - For Your Children's Sake

Wireless nanny cameras are now popular gadgets in many US-families. While we may wish otherwise, most nannies are strangers for us. However hard we can try, even if we spend hours talking to them, we may never know who they really are. The effect is, when you leave home, your children have to stay with a person we do not know anything about. Wireless nanny cameras are one of the few things we can... ❯❯❯

Buying Home Security Cameras Online

Surveillance cameras (wireless or wired) are great for finding out at the door or nosing around the garage, or whose mutt is digging up your vegetable garden. But until lately only the rich and famous could afford security cameras. Now you can purchase and install your own wireless color camera security system for just a few hundred dollars. Home security cameras can be bought over the Internet... ❯❯❯

Choosing And Installing The Right Smoke Detectors

Even the smallest of house fires can fill your home with dangerous smoke in a few minutes. It is important that you choose the right smoke detectors for your home, install them correctly, and test them at regular intervals. There are two types of residential smoke detectors available: photoelectric and ionization. With a photoelectric detector, light is beamed into a chamber that contains a... ❯❯❯

Home Security: Securing Doors And Windows

Most intruders go in and out of your house the same way you do - through the doors - so all doors in your home should be protected. Keep in mind that you must protect more than just your front and back doors. There is also the sliding door to the patio, the door to the basement from the outside and the door to the house from the garage. Burglars break windows as a last resort - or by accident.... ❯❯❯

Home Fire Safety

The most important thing to remember in a fire situation is the speed of fire spread in a structure. When talking to people who have just experienced a fire incident the most common comment is how fast the fire intensified. Most of our personal experience with fire is the back yard grill or campfire. These always seem to take a long time to ignite and grow. The same cannot be said for a structure... ❯❯❯

Home Security-Home Invasion-The Most Astonishing Reasons Why It's On the Rise

Almost every day you see or hear about a home invasion. Maybe the perpetrator got shot as in Albuquerque, New Mexico recently. Within the space of two months Albuquerque homeowners shot and killed an intruder on three separate occasions . Fortunately the "Castle Doctrine" is in play and the homeowners will be protected. Home invasion is an insidious form of burglary only committed when the... ❯❯❯

How Prepared Are You...Really?

Emergency (pl. –ies) - a sudden, urgent, usually unexpected occurrence or occasion requiring immediate attention. About half of all Americans say they now have a disaster supplies kit, the other half do not. In which half are you? Less than half of all Americans have an evacuation plan, more than half do not. In which half are you? There are 163,000,000 dogs and cats in the US, yet 65% of... ❯❯❯