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Five Cheap Must Have Gadgets for Home Security

Securing your home is of course vital but it can be daunting – and expensive. Elaborate alarm systems that apprehend and alert the police about an intruder before you even realise there is somebody in your home do not come cheap.

However there are plenty of cost-effective ways to secure your home without breaking the bank. Check out these five must-have security gadgets that won’t leave you feeling like you’ve been robbed.

Light timers

It is quite rare that you will be the target of criminals who have singled out your home. More often than not you will be the victim of an opportunistic burglar who spots an opportunity to get in and out of an empty house quickly without anyone seeing them.

If you’re away for a period of time, on holiday say, some light timers will give the illusion that someone is home and ward off intruders. A half decent pack of three will only set you back between £10 and £15.

Fake TV

On a similar note, an occupied house is much less likely to be burgled, but for more authenticity a fake television set is an option.

A small white box that will set you back around £25, it has a sensor to turn on when the sun goes down and will give the outside world that you have settled down for a night in front of the box.

Add into the mix the fact it is energy efficient so won’t cost you the earth to run, and this little device should prove to be a wise buy.

Two way radios

Communicating can often be the key to preventing crime, and two way radios are a great way to keep in touch and stay safe.

If you live in a large house, a two-way radio will allow you to speak to others in different rooms to warn them of the danger without moving and getting into a situation that could escalate. If power or phone lines are down, you can utilize a two-way radio to get help.

A decent set like the Motorola DP2400’s won’t cost the earth and could be key in ensuring your safety. More information on the security features of the Motorola DP2400 can be found at Brentwood Communications.


A real CCTV system will set you back a pretty penny, but a good alternative are fake cameras you can install outside your home to give the impression any would-be intruder is being watched.

A blinking red light adds authenticity and should help you safeguard your home, and one will only set you back around £15. Although it won’t record footage it should help ensure your house is kept safe.

Web CCTV Cam

If you want the added security of video recording, then a good option is a D-Link DCS-930L  – essentially a webcam that you sync with your PC so you can keep an eye on things online or via your mobile while you’re away.

To view what the camera is seeing, simply log on, choose your device, and start viewing. This nifty device offers you peace of mind if you’re out of the country or just away from home.