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Endless Design Options for Decorative Stainless Steel Railings

For those considering a decorative stainless steel railing to complement their home design, the possibilities are nearly endless, thanks to many different styles, finishes, and decorative touches available for your steel railing design. One advantage of choosing stainless steel railings is that you can use many interchangeable pieces which fit together to create your own unique design. Here are a few of the options you will find available when designing your very own stainless steel railings.

Stock components - Most steel fabricators will have a large selection of popular components on hand such as a variety of styles of handrail pipes, tube elbows, end caps, flanges, handrail brackets, pipe elbows, connectors, fitting, spheres, disks, plates and other ornaments, as well as full metal railing systems. They will also offer non-metal components to complement your railing designs. These include glass railings, wood accents, mounting materials, polishing supplies and more.

Handrail Brackets - Available in a variety of finishes, you can find handrail brackets for every railing design. Common types include glass mount, stamped, extruded, machined and cast handrail components. These metal brackets will accommodate wall mounting, post mounting and side mounting of your hand railings. It’s important to install your brackets properly to meet structural code and safety requirements.

Stamped Steel Ornaments - Whether you have a love for flowers, leaves, corn husks, prisms or candle cups, you’ll find stainless steel ornamentation that is compatible with a variety of railing decor products. The unique customized design of your choice is perfect for matching with furniture, knobs, and lighting fixtures throughout your home.

Spheres and Round Balls - Hollow balls and hemispheres  may be used in a variety of design applications for your new handrails. With a variety of finishes available, these balls are used as toppers at the end of your handrail to give it that flourish it needs to make the design really pop.

End Caps - Flush end caps can be purchased for stainless steel pipe and tubing. These end caps give a finished look at the end of the railing, and cover up potentially sharp corners.. There are a variety of design choices for end caps, such as flat clip-on versions and screw-in end caps.

Post Caps - Similar to end caps, these finishing touches are available as pressed caps, weld-on caps, ball caps, etc. Any of these options will make a nice handrail even better and make it easier to match everything together into a unique design that you'll love.

Decorative stainless steel railings are available in a many different styles and finishes. Whether you have a spiral staircase, a grand entrance staircase, or a small back hallway set of steps, there is a great design option for you. Once you choose your favorite design, you will have the option of choosing a finsh for your stair railing. Some of the most common finishes include:

 - Galvanized

 - E-Coated

 - Powder Coated

 - Clear-Coat over Powder Coated

Custom configurations can be created and adapted to fit any building code, design plan, or personal options. If you’re serious about decorative stainless steel railings, you’ll want to get regular updates and plenty of information from your local steel fabricator. These catalogs and advertisements will help you watch for the large variety of options available so you’ll be ready when it comes times to make your decision.