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PROS and CONS: Modern Security Systems vs Traditional Security Systems

Are your home and office security still traditional? Is it time to update?

You should never sleep on your home and office security. New technologies are being introduced by the day and you’re missing out on a lot if you’re not going to take advantage of them. But must you always splurge whenever new technology is available? The short answer is no. The long answer will be discussed in this article.

In this post, we’re going to compare traditional security systems to modern security systems. We will enlist the PROS and CONS to each. By finishing this article, you’d be able to easily answer the following questions:

  • What kind of security system is best for your home office?
  • Is it time to upgrade?

The PROS and CONS of Modern Security Systems and Traditional Security Systems

What is a traditional security system?

Traditional security systems have been around since the 1960s. They are over five decades old and have undergone many transformations. They are often found in government and commercial buildings. A traditional security system often includes the following:

  • Security personnel that have undergone extensive training
  • CCTVs
  • Access control systems

A traditional security system relies on security guards.

Security guards were referred to as “watchmen” during the middle ages. It was only in 1850 that the security industry that we know today fully solidified and flourished. Security guards have been around for over 600 years because they simply get the job done. They are well-trained to closely observe one’s home and office security. As they are highly trained individuals, they can immediately respond to any security concern as it happens. This is not the case with CCTV and remote surveillance tools. A security guard is highly alert and can easily monitor chemical leaks, gas leaks, utility damage, flooding, and security blind spots. Blindspot issues are also easily averted because security guards can do a regular patrol of all areas.

A traditional security system uses basic CCTV and access control protocols.

Traditional security systems deploy basic security and access control protocols through the use of cameras and elementary authentication methods like key cards.


  • Theft deterrence – a sight of a CCTV in any space can immediately and easily discourage any individual from trespassing and committing any form of theft
  • Vandalism deterrence – a sight of a CCTV effectively discourages individuals from committing vandalism
  • Evidence – CCTV footage is reliable evidence that can be effectively used in court when validly authenticated
  • Easy monitoring – monitoring becomes effortless with a CCTV system. One look and you’d get to see everything that is going on in your protected space.
  • Insurance – you’d get to enjoy discounted premiums on your insurance plans. Insurance companies appreciate client efforts when it comes to organically securing their home and office.


  • Privacy – people in your space, including yourself, will have limited privacy as everything will be captured by the camera. A traditional security system is not ideal for a family or person that has something to hide.
  • Costly – a traditional security system can cost you a lot. If you’d hire security guards, you’d have to ensure that they’re paid enough and are entitled to benefits and insurance privileges. The cost of maintaining a CCTV system is also anything but cheap. Apart from the purchase of units, you need to regularly pay for the usage of utilities like electricity.
  • Sensitivity – a traditional security system can be sensitive to light, weather, and accidents.
  • Limited – a traditional security system can only do so much. It can only capture things as they happen but it can’t and won’t do anything to respond to and avoid an occurrence.

What is a modern security system?

Today’s modern security system evolved from traditional security systems. Highly different from a traditional security system, a modern security system is extremely progressive and has the following components:

  • Surveillance cameras
  • Alarm panels for theft and trespassing
  • Fume detection
  • Remote control
  • Centralized access
  • Smartphone integration

A modern security system utilizes HD cameras.

All modern security systems have high-resolution cameras. Such cameras make surveillance, monitoring, and evidence-search significantly easier and immensely better.  If you’re after premium HD cameras for your modern security system, do check out the services of Smart Security. Smart Security is a CCTV camera company in Perth that offers all the latest and technologically advanced HD cameras available in the security industry.

A modern security system uses sensors.

A modern security system does not have security guards but in replacement, they have highly advanced sensors that can detect movement, temperature, and fumes. Such sensors are so advanced that they can measure the distance between stable objects and things that randomly move.

A modern security system has alarm panels.

Modern security systems come with alarms that send notifications and alerts whenever any suspicious or questionable event occurs. Such alerts can be a loud alarm, a phone call, or a text.


  • High-quality evidence – HD cameras produce crisp clear photos and video footage that can be easily utilized in court hearings when validly authenticated
  • Theft deterrence – the presence of an alarm system discourages individuals from entering a home or office space
  • Community protection – a community with houses equipped with alarm systems is highly avoided by individuals with malicious intentions.
  • Remote access – you can monitor your home or office through your smartphone.
  • Easy monitoring – you can be anywhere and still feel in control. Your security control hub will be with you wherever you go as the dashboard can be accessed through your smartphone.
  • Effortless lock system – you can lock and unlock your home or office even if you’re doing the groceries or in the middle of a meeting.


  • High expense – it is costly to invest in a modern security system
  • Nuisance – alarms that blare loudly can cause a great disturbance to your neighbors
  • Meticulous installation – you will need the help of experts for a smooth and flawless installation of a modern security system.