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Landscaping to Improve the Security of Your Home

Security is a concern shared by most homeowners in the United States these days. After all, the news is packed with reports of burglaries, home invasions and kidnappings, and it doesn’t seem like any neighborhood in particular is safe. You can choose high end security systems and large camera arrays, but these cost a ton of money and create as many false alarms as they prevent real issues. Sometimes it’s best to find a simpler solution, and adjusting your landscaping with these issues in mind could actually solve the majority of your concerns. But where to start? Here are a couple of tips for how to use landscaping to improve the security of your home.

First of all, consider planting hedges and bushes around the property. Some people go with security hedges that are high enough to block all peering eyes from scanning for lights and an empty house. That is one option, but you don’t have to take it to that extreme to impact your home’s security. Some people don’t really want to impede the view from their windows to such an extent. After all, you probably chose your home at least in part to be involved with that community, so why would you want to cut yourself off entirely from the world outside of your property. But hedges or bushes surrounding your property can create a sort of natural fence, even if they only come up to waist height. You might also want to consider planting bushes underneath each window of your home. Trim them back so you can still enjoy the view, but leave them high enough that they would impede access to your home.

Sometimes you can improve your home’s security through subtraction instead of addition. This is certainly the case where trees are concerned. Trees offer beauty and natural shade, but are they also positioned in a way that might help criminals access your home? Make sure the trees aren’t so close to your house that they provide an easy way to get to second floor windows. If you’re ever going to forget to lock a window, it will be on the second floor. Prowlers can also climb close trees and peer into bedrooms, looking for a quiet entryway. If you determine the tree is too close to your home, consider having it professionally relocated, so you don’t have to lose that beautiful tree entirely.

Lighting can also make a huge difference. Although you might not consider the exterior lighting a part of your landscaping, many people use it to highlight favorite areas of the property. You can certainly do this, but also consider the parts of the house that could use some additional lighting. Most burglars will avoid your home if it is well lit. It’s simply too risky, and too easy for their actions to be seen from the street. Put these lights on motion sensors or timers, so you’re only using as much energy as is necessary to get the job done.

Finally, think about fencing in your yard. This is obviously similar to a border of bushes or shrubs, but can be even more difficult to access. Consider a fence that comes to a point at the top, so it is more difficult to climb, and make sure it is made of a material strong enough to stand up to a potential break-in. But keep in mind that a security fence doesn’t have to be ugly. You can still make it beautiful, and you might find it actually increases the value of your home. Check out the RateSupermarket Inc. website if you’re curious about home values, and how security additions affect things.