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10 Questions to Ask Any Garage Door Salesman

Like the front door to a home, a garage door is a prime method of improving the appearance and curb appeal of a home. Today's garage doors come in so many different colours, materials, and with so many options that buying a garage door is a little more complicated than looking at some pictures and pointing at the best looking door.

It's helpful to have some questions that will be asked of the garage door salesman that will help a homeowner to make the best decision on what company to use for purchase.

Whether the new garage door will simply be a subtle upgrade for the home, or whether it represents some significant change for the facade, the following considerations should help a homeowner to choose the best door.

1. Is a new door required?

Sometimes a garage door can be painted or repaired if it's malfunctioning. A home owner on a budget would be able to save money or arrange for a new garage door at a later date.

2. What garage door type is appropriate?

Available in many types of materials, a garage door might be made of aluminium, vinyl, iron, or wood, and a particular type of garage door might serve a specific home better than another. Sometimes a particular door might offer lower maintenance costs than another.

3. What comes with the garage door?

There is a variety of costs with a garage door including installation fees and sometimes items like the tracks might need to be replaced, or the old door might require removal. These tasks might increase the price of the door.

4. Are references available regarding past installations?

Considering the reputation of the company or installer providing garage door services ensures the best experience possible in upgrading. The company's reputation with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) should also be discussed.

5. Will the company provide a free estimate?

A garage door salesman and his company may provide a free estimate of services before the client purchases a door. This includes a visit to the homeowner's residence so as to estimate the time, materials, and costs involved.

6. How long will the new door last?

Like most items within the home, the amount of time that a homeowner spends on maintenance and care will impact whether the door lasts a few years or a few decades. A good door should last at least 20 years with proper care.

7. What safety features are available?

Modern garage doors should have an automatic system that will allow the door to be placed into reverse automatically when contact with any sort of impediment occurs.

8. What is the warranty on the door?

All garage doors come with a warranty, and the installer or garage door salesman may also offer additional warranty options.

9. Does the chosen door qualify for a tax credit?

Some types of garage doors offer the opportunity for a homeowner to qualify for the energy tax credit. The insulation on certain doors will offer the chance to save a little money on the next tax return.

10. Can the garage door opener be reused?

In many circumstances, a homeowner can keep the garage door opener already in use at the home. Although these devices may require repair and replacement over time, it might not need to be replaced concurrently with the door.

Asking each of these questions during the search for a beautiful new garage door will ensure the best experience in replacement. A garage door offers a beautiful way to enhance the look of the home and will offer decades of benefit to a home's facade.

Mark Arvino runs Perth Garage Door Company - Perth based garage door supply and installations. They also do repiars and insurance work too.