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How To Install A Home Security System

Many home security systems are complex and should only be fitted by a professional. However, there are also a number of good systems which are sold in kit form and can be installed by any do-it-yourselfer. These simple systems usually incorporate a bell, loud buzzer of other sound source to warn of intrusion.

Installing the Components

Begin by installing the sounder. There are a number of steps to follow:

  1. Decide where you want your alarm system to be located. Consider this in advance of actually fitting the system. If you choose to mount the system outdoors, it will be necessary to drill a hole through the wall for the wires, so visit a retailer such as East Anglia Tool Centre beforehand to ensure that you have the necessary equipment. If you choose to mount your alarm system indoors then choose a location where it can be easily heard.
  2. The kit will include a mounting backplate attached to the sounder by a mounting screw. You will need to remove the nut and separate the two components. Using wood screws or toggle bolts, attach the plate to the wall.
  3. Install the door and window switches. The magnetic part should be fixed to the door or window, the switch to the window frame or doorjamb. There will be mounting screws in the kit to attach the parts.

Wiring the System

  • Use a knife or wire stripper to bare about ¾ inch of the wire ends.
  • Loop each wire under a separate terminal screw on the switch or door cord.
  • Route the wire to the next device e.g. a magnet switch.
  • Use small staples to keep the wire run neat.
  • At the second device, use a knife to split apart the side-by-side conductors for a distance of a few inches. Cut apart the copper coloured wire only.
  • Bare about ¾ inch of the copper wire ends and connect them to the switch’s terminal screws.
  • Continue in this manner to the next switch, carrying on until all the entry-detection switches and fire sensors are connected, and then run the two-wire cord to the sounder backplate.
  • Decide where you’re going to locate the batteries. These should have been purchased beforehand. You will need two 6-volt lantern-type batteries or a suitable type of rechargeable battery pack.
  • You should use the bell wire to connect the positive and negative terminals of the battery to the sounder.

Connecting the Sounder

  • Use solderless connectors to join the black wire from the battery to the black wire of the sounder. Repeat with the red wires.
  • Connect the wire ends from the switch loop to the two smaller wires on the sounder.
  • Fasten the sounder to its backplate and tighten the attachment screw.
  • Finally, with the key switch in the OFF position, connect the wire between the negative and positive terminals of the two cells.
  • Now test your system by turning the key switch on and opening a door. If you’ve installed everything correctly, the alarm will sound and you’ll have successfully fitted your home alarm system.

Combine this intruder alarm system with a timer that switches the lights and radio on, and you will have an alarm system able to compete with its most elaborate and expensive competitors for a fraction of the price.