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6 Tricks to Keep a Safer Home at Night

Home safety is something everyone strives for in their daily lives. It is not only important, but essential for everyone to feel safe in their homes 24/7. Most commonly, people worry about their homes at night time, when their guard is down and crime is more common.

No one should be losing sleep because they feel unsafe at home. Everyone can find some simple and efficient ways to improve the security of their space and rest easy every night. Here are six tricks to keep a safer home at night that everyone can incorporate into their nightly routine.

Invest in a better home security system

A home security system is the best way to protect any home, day or night. Everyone can afford to get a new system from Ann Arbor ADT Home Security with new rates that can work within anyone’s budget. The system is the best investment anyone can make towards their home safety.

Keep the hedges trimmed

Overgrown lawns and hedges are not just unattractive, they can actually be a safety concern. At night, intruders can hide from the security cameras in overgrown lawns and break in more easily. Keeping up with lawn maintenance is a simple and cheap home security measure that everyone can handle.

Install more outdoor lights

Outdoor lighting may seem obnoxious and wasteful, but it is still a great way to deter burglars at night. Outdoor lighting not only makes more areas visible to security cameras, but it also gives burglars less places to hide and less chances to get into the house without being spotted. The most energy-efficient method is to install fluorescent bulbs that last longer.

Close the curtains

This is a common nightly tradition for many people to control the temperature of the home. However, keeping the curtains shut at night is a lot more beneficial than that, also helping people feel safe. Closing the curtains means that people cannot see inside the home, which means those people will be less tempted to break in because they cannot see any valuable items from the windows.

Get a dog

Having a pet is not only a rewarding experience for many, it can also up the security of the house. People who have a dog, or at least pretend to have a dog, will notice that fewer break-ins will happen in their home and even in their area. Hang a few ‘beware of dog’ signs around the home to prevent burglaries.

Replace the front door

A front door may seem like a small item to worry about in any home, but it is an essential element to keep the house safe. Many intruders will try the front door first, and if the door is easy to break in or unlock, they will have an easy entrance to the home. Invest in a new front door that is solid and equipped with the best lock system available on the market today for the best initial defense.