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Making Your Home Secure From the Foundations Up

If you’ve taken the big step of having a new home built, it makes sense to ensure it’s as safe and secure as possible by implementing an advanced home automation security system during construction. You’re building your dream home; surely a significant part of that dream is that you and your family can live in complete comfort and safety within its walls? Integrating a future-ready security system from inception will enable your house to stand protected for years to come.

Home Security System Integration at the Design and Construction Stage

How do you go about this? Many home security companies offer free consultations and a builder’s program to help integrate an automated security system during the design and construction of your house. These involve specialist technicians working with builders to create the optimum security system for your abode, personalising its design to fit the plan of your house and your specific needs. Of course, this means that right from the go the best wiring and set-up for the system can be put in place.

Meeting Your Unique Requirements

People have different needs and your home security system can be designed to meet them. If the house is to be a family home you may wish to include an alert system that lets you know via a text when your children leave for school and return. These alerts can be delivered to a cell or smart phone with the help of a simple-to-use app. If you have health problems you may wish to include an ambulance button that sends an alert to emergency services the moment it is pressed.

If you regularly travel on business or are a keen vacationer then you will want a complete surveillance system that will alert you of any suspicious activity around your property while you are away. Most top quality home security companies offer a 24/7 monitoring service that enables your domicile to be observed around the clock, providing complete peace of mind when your property stands empty.

What Can Be Included In Home Security and Communication Systems?

The major benefit of a holistic approach to home security is that from the construction stage forward every imaginable security feature can be implemented and operational. This means that surveillance cameras, lights, motion detectors, smoke alarms, burglar alarms, video door monitors, intercoms, glass break detectors, medical emergency devices and pet motion detectors can all be networked together under one easy to use control centre linked to the provider’s 24/7 monitoring service and your cell or smart phone.

Implementing your home automation security system at the construction stage enables the best vantage points to be chosen for surveillance cameras and lights, wiring and multiple outlets to be fitted without modifications and all intercoms and control centers to be integrated seamlessly with the house design so that the entire security system is fully operational from the first night you spend in your new home.

Cutting Corners Can Be Costly

If you’ve invested the time, effort and money into building your dream house, why cut corners with the security system? Protect your family, property and investment by implementing a high quality home automation security system during construction. It will provide peace of mind and ensure the safety of your new home now and in the future.

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